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Welcome to the Gerard Sheehy Financial Planning Website

This website has been in operation since 1999. All queries have been handled by the undersigned.

There are two specific services that you can avail of from a financial adviser:

  • An "Execution Only" service requires that the client specifies the provider and product, and does not receive any advice
  • An "Advisory" service exists, where the client agrees the level of service that is required from the outset, completes a comprehensive Financial Fact Find, and remunerates the Advisor for any advice given or transactions made

The sophisticated investor can purchase a Standard PRSA on a "No Advice/Execution Only" by linking here. Those of you interested in accessing a "No Advice" Portfolio Bond Execution Only service can access an appropriate facility at bond.ie by linking here. Alternatively you can access my Execution Only savings and investment service at investandsave.ie by clicking here.

I am a financial adviser with authorisation to provide broad based advice on PRSAs and other similar savings and investment products. If you click on the Terms of Business page you will get full details of what I can advise on and how I am remunerated.

If you are an Employer, and you wish to fulfil your legal obligation in respect of the setting up of a PRSA scheme then just email me with that request.

If you are Employed, I would suggest that you are looking for advice on PRSAs etc, go to the Contact Page, and submit your request. As you can understand , I can-not give broad based advice without knowing the full details of a persons financial situation, so I would encourage you to complete the Confidential Fact Find provided, in particular the section that deals with existing Pensions, Savings/Investments and Investment Experience and Attitude to Risk.

Gerard Sheehy

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