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A gift for an exile who identifies with the mountains of Ireland.





Or, simply enhance your own home or business.

Galtymore Rime


I'm a challenge hill-walker who captures mountain landscape images while out-and-about on Ireland's Mountains.

I'm not a photographer and have little knowledge on the subject. Helping people with financial matters, like pensions, pays the bills.

What I capture is in the raw. The images are never going to be about absolute clarity. They're about the subject matter. Typical landscape images are 12MP 4032 x 3024 (approx). Panoramas are 16MP 7259 x 2245 (approx).

My local mountain ranges are the Galty's , Knockmealdown's and Comeragh's ; so a lot of my images are from these.


But, I have many (many) more images from the 12 Bens, Maamturks, Nephins, Joyce Country and Partry Mountains.

I could put in some text here about the light, shadows, composition, and emotion of the images but I'd only be bluffing.

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